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Great Coffee. Great Service

Fresh-Roasted Coffee Fundraisers since 2000!

  • The finest Organic Coffee - roasted-on-demand - specifically for your Fundraiser.
  • In addition to coffee, we offer hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookie mix (No refrigeration required!). Each features your custom label
  • Orders arrive Pre-sorted by Participant to make distribution easy.
  • Select the fundraising program that suits your school, band, team or league.

We want to show you how great our service is. Contact us now, to receive a free, fresh-roasted bag of coffee, featuring your group's custom label!

"I have worked with many fund raising companies throughout the last 37 years and I must say that We Care is the finest organization in the country! It is your passion to help music kids achieve their many goals while in school... You will be foremost in mind when it comes to fund raising needs in New England. I will also take with me your friendship. With much respect to you both!"
John Abigana
Woodland High School Band Director
Past-President, California Band Directors' Assoc.


Sport in childhood. Association football, show...

Sport in childhood. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Dave Strand

Soccer is a tough sport. But as it gets more competitive, the costs go up. So how can you ensure that your soccer team raises enough money to keep your team geared and gassed up?

Pump Up Your Participation

Shoot for 100% participation. Whether your fundraiser succeeds or fails, is determined by how many members of your team (or league) participate. Period. So focus there first. Here are a few ideas;

  1. Reward basic participation – Come up with an affordable prize for every player who sells something.

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